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A higher SPF won’t help you stay as young looking as you thought!

There are two important components of the ultraviolet sun that reach the earth: (1) Ultraviolet A (“UVA”) and (2) ultraviolet B (“UVB”). UVA has a longer wavelength allowing it to penetrate the skin more deeply and it is more photoaging (wrinkling, aging, etc.). UVB has a shorter wavelength and is more responsible for skin cancer (although we know that UVA is also carcinogenic). The Sun Protection Factor (“SPF”) number you see on sunscreen packaging refers to UVB protection only! It tells you nothing about UVA protection—the more aging part of the sun! You have probably thought that the higher the SPF the better your skin will look 10 years from now...wrong ☹! UGH! No one may have bothered to tell you that until now, but now you know!

Another thing you should know is that some ingredients that provide UVA protection are unstable and once they are exposed to the sun they break down quickly. The FDA has never regulated how to measure UVA protection in sunscreen. However, new regulations coming out this December (2012) will require sunscreen manufacturers to have a certain level of UVA protection if they use the term “broad spectrum” on the outside of the bottle. So look for that!!! But remember SPF number is important too---who wants skin cancer?!

I always start by looking at the active UVA protective ingredients to try to keep my skin youthful and then I look for an SPF of 30 (or higher) to guard against skin cancer. Later this week, I will tell you specifically what the best UVA sunscreens are…and I will also name the sunscreen that I have applied every day for the past eight years of my life. I simply cannot do without it!
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Why I am doing this.

There is so much advertising on the Internet, in magazines and on daytime TV! It’s overwhelming! What’s true, what’s not? As a 40-year-old dermatologist, wife, mother of four and friend who knows the difference between what’s real and what’s hype, I have an intense need to be the voice of truth for my friends.

I feel fortunate that I know what to do when one of my children or someone I know has a skin issue. I have extensive understanding of the skin and the training to tell what’s true and what’s not when various claims are made about new or established products and treatments. I have always loved giving my friends the inside scoop and coming to the rescue of family and friends with skin issues. So…why isn’t there someone out there who can be that person for you? Well, I am going to be her if you want me to!

I have created this website to provide you with TRUTHFUL, USEFUL and CONCISE advice about your skin on a regular basis. I am going to arm you with knowledge that will help you sift through all the information out there so you know where to start and what to do when you or someone you know has a skin issue. I am going to show you how to keep your skin healthy and looking fabulous by reaching its full potential!

Much of the advice I will give will be directed toward people like my friends who have inspired me to start this. Many of you are mothers and/or wives (except for a few of the holdouts!), so besides providing advice you can use for yourself, I will provide information on what products you should be using and things you should be doing for your family. I want to help you become a better consumer of products and to practice skin-friendly behaviors to help you and your family maintain healthier skin and look your best!