About Me

My name is Kelly Jerstad, and I am a 40-year old wife and mother of four young children. I am also a board certified dermatologist and, on this site, The Social Dermatologist!

I went to Medical School at The George Washington University School of Medicine and I obtained my residency in dermatology at the University of Minnesota. I then did a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery at the University of California at San Francisco where I obtained surgical training in skin cancer removal, as well as reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. I have been practicing dermatology for eight years. The focus of my practice (in clinics in Sioux Falls, SD and the Minneapolis area) has been on skin cancer surgery and treatment, but I also see patients who have general dermatologic conditions or who seek cosmetic treatments. As a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, I have a great job treating the skin!

Why I Am Doing This (really, why am I doing this?!)

There is so much advertising on the Internet, in magazines and on daytime TV that attempts to sell skin products by preying on people’s pursuit of youth. Sadly, because people want to believe these extraordinary claims, they often do. Many products and treatments may make them feel better, but often it will not help them look better! I will help you sort through these claims.

As a friend to women looking for answers who knows the difference between what’s real and what’s hype, this frustrates me to no end! So, I have created this website to provide you with TRUTHFUL, USEFUL and CONCISE (usually) information about your skin on a regular basis. I am going to arm you with accurate information that will help you look better and have healthier skin—really!

Much of the advice I will give will be directed toward people like my friends who have inspired me to start this. Many of you are mothers and/or wives, except for a few of the holdouts! So besides providing advice you can use for yourself, I will provide information on what products you should be using and things you should be doing for your family. I want to help you become a better consumer of products and practicer of skin-friendly behaviors to help you and your family maintain healthier skin and look your best!

How I Will Do This

So how am I going to do this? Well, like me, you probably don’t have much free time. So twice weekly, I’m going to provide you with a concise, useful, real piece of “advice for the day”. The advice can be accessed from this website, or I’d be happy to e-mail it to you if you subscribe (for free). I am not going to promote anything I haven’t personally spent my own money on or in which I don’t truly believe. The advice will include must-dos, beauty tips, early skin cancer detection techniques, common things not to waste your money on, most frequently asked questions from my friends and much more. There will sometimes be themes for the week. If I have time (many weeks that will be a big “if”), I may blog in more detail on specific issues that merit more attention. Over a year you should get as much information from me as you would spending a few days of personal Q&A with your dermatologist.

I will also maintain an on-line “Kelly’s medicine cabinet” where I will add products that I love and that I think many of you should consider using. The products in my on-line medicine cabinet will be things that really are in my own vanity cabinet!

Finally, I have created a facebook page linked to this site that I hope will spawn a social network for women focused specifically on dermatology. Although there are many websites more broadly focused on “beauty” (and that often include other women’s issues, celebrities and shopping), none focuses solely on personal skin issues. This social networking site allows women to chat about skin issues, cosmetic treatments, and what skin products they like or dislike, as well as and moms to chat with each other about their children’s skin issues—all with the Social Dermatologist weighing in when I can.