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Hi Everyone:

Thanks for all of your great comments and questions over the past few months! I’ve enjoyed reading them and answering as many as time has allowed for me.

Today I’d like to try something different. You’ve heard from me by video—now I’d like to hear from you the same way! If you have a question that you would like to ask me and you’re willing to post a video to my facebook page, I’ll pick a few of your videos and respond directly to them. Please keep the videos limited to one specific question and keep them brief (less than 30 seconds). Please begin by stating your first name and where you are from.

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with a few simple reminders that I cannot stress enough. Number 1: Healthy skin is not achieved with a quick treatment or two—it is obtained through a healthy lifestyle over years and decades. This healthy lifestyle starts with applying sunscreen to your face, neck and chest every morning as a part of your make-up routine. Do not rely on SPF in your make-up or moisturizer. And number 2: make sure to check your skin frequently for any new or changing moles. A mole does not have to be raised in order to be a melanoma. In fact, the majority of early melanomas are flat, not raised.

I look forward to your video questions!