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Before I start, I want to say that when I refer to the brand name Botox I actually mean any botulism toxin. I’m still a fan of Botox by Allergan so that’s what I will refer to when discussing botulism toxin.

So many women want to know when to start using Botox. If you have visible lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows, or “crow’s feet” at rest (meaning they are there when you’re not moving)…you should definitely consider starting Botox, yesterday. ☺ But you don’t have to wait to use Botox to treat wrinkles that are already present. It can also be used preventatively, before wrinkles become more permanent.

Look at your mom: does she have any wrinkles that are present when her face is at rest? Probably…(unless she’s been using Botox!). Your genetics are inevitable, so if you can see something starting on your face—even if it’s not obvious enough to bug you quite yet—you should consider starting Botox treatment. This is especially true for that vertical line in between the eyebrows. I have seen many patients who have waited too long to treat these glabella (between the eyebrows) wrinkles with Botox alone and they have to add filler too.

Botox is not for everyone, but if you have wrinkles that bother you, it could be for you. I am not proposing a frozen look or starting Botox before you are emotionally or financially ready. However, if you go to an experienced dermatologist who understands Botox and how it affects various muscle groups, you can still keep some movement while softening or taking away the wrinkles entirely. I will talk MUCH more about Botox later. But just so you know, I started using Botox when I was 26 before it was even FDA approved for treating wrinkles. I am not at all embarrassed by this. In fact, I feel lucky that I was ahead of the curve. And when you start Botox when you’re younger, you don’t need to use as much or use it as frequently.