Tip #: 


Do you know where the most common place for a women under the age of 60 to develop melanoma—the most deadly type of skin cancer—is? If you think it is in the areas where you get the most sun, you are wrong. It’s on the legs! Why? It is felt that areas that are usually covered but then intermittently get intense sun exposure are more susceptible to melanoma.

So…the next time you are shaving your legs, use your razor as a reminder to look for any new or changing moles, and take note of any lesions that are there so that you can “get to know them” and know if they are changing. Look at your entire body because melanoma can occur anywhere! Don’t forget to get in front of the mirror and look at your back, buttocks and the backs of your thighs too. The great thing about the vast majority of melanomas is that they develop in places you can see—but you have to be looking. And remind your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends not only to do monthly breast exams, but also monthly skin exams. If you see something suspicious, call your dermatologist today!!!