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Hair laser is the most effective treatment for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Effective hair removal typically requires 3-10 treatments (that are best done about 2 months apart), but even after the first few treatments you should notice a big difference. Only people with naturally darker hair in the area(s) being treated are good candidates, so it’s important to be treated before you go gray! Plus, you cannot laser tan skin, nor can you pluck or wax between treatments, so be sure to plan ahead if you plan to get zapped.

There are a few downsides to the treatment: there is some pain involved (but I think it’s well worth it!), and it may get expensive depending on how many treatments you require and how wide of an area you want treated. There will almost always be a few stubborn straggler hairs that won’t go away (I have a few in each of my armpits that I have to pluck a few times per year). So some patients will do a rare touch up over the years.

I think the best places to treat (considering cost and how much time we spend removing hair from these areas) are your upper lip & armpits, but I also recommend treating your bikini line and around your nipples if you have hair there. If you can afford it, treating your legs is a luxury you’ll never regret!

I think this is one of the best cosmetic procedure investments you can make because it’s permanent and can save you so much time over your life…I only have to shave my legs once or twice per year! The younger you are when you do this the more value you will get out of your investment.

P.S. Caucasian ladies should ask for the long pulsed Alexandrite or Diode laser (they are better than the IPL and other lasers or light sources for hair removal) and dark- skinned ladies should ask for the long pulsed NdYAG laser. Dark-skinned ladies should be especially careful as this laser can be very dangerous in the wrong hands!