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I thought it would be important to discuss cleansers today in light of my recent posts on over-the-counter acne treatment. For those of you who are using OTC acne treatment other than washes or are fortunate enough not to have acne but have sensitive or dry skin or struggle with dermatitis or eczema, today’s advice should be very helpful.

If you like a bar soap, I recommend Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar soap. I keep it in my shower to wash my body. You can certainly use it to wash your face as well. It’s great for anyone using OTC acne treatments unless you are already using and liking an acne wash. If you are already using Dove or Olay products and like them, don’t change anything…these are gentle and good products as well, but beware of the fragrances if you have very sensitive skin.

If you prefer a liquid wash or like to keep a second cleanser to wash your face every night, I recommend CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. These cleansers do not strip the body of its own natural protective oils while very gently cleaning. They do not really foam…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cleaning!!! They are my favorite facial washes to recommend and I personally use them both!

One last tip—if you are extremely dry like me, but insist on washing your face more than once a day, you should try using one of the liquid cleansers on a soft cotton pad without water—yes, without water. This is the way I clean my face when it’s not time for a shower.